So I thought it may be interesting for you to learn the story behind my photo above.
It was taken in March, 2009 at the Blues & Arts Festival in San Felipe. 
I fell in love with this artist's work.  David Silvah had many paintings of flamenco dancers in his collection.  Yet, he had just this one picture that I especially loved.  It was painted on an old piece of plywood which had been weathered, seen better days and definitely had served some other purpose in another life.  It also has in the background a tattered poster  for a bull fight in Valencia.  



07/05/2010 4:55pm

Way to go Naomi! Right on! Can't wait to see your finished creation. This is something I've always wanted to do and now you've given me the spark. Thanks! Wishing you huge success with your journey. Love the photo.


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    Seamstress by the Sea

    I've always been a seamstress.
    At six, I sewed my first dress.
    It was a sadly pathetic,  lavender,  double-knit
    simple little thing which lies folded in a cedar chest at my grandma Charlotte's house.
    She taught me to sew at her sewing machine which had a knee peddle (which at six years old, was a foot peddle for me).  And from that time forward
    I sewed my clothes.

    At seventeen, I was so excited to go to my Junior prom.
    Wow! I actually  had
    a real date and everything!
    And for whatever reason, 
    once again, the color of the dress was lavender!
    This time ,  embellished with hand-sewn lavender flowers across the bodice. 

    That first date on April 4, 1981  was  true love & almost 30 years later we are still married.

    And I am still wearing lavender . .  .Whenever.

    April 2, 1981 - Junior Prom


    July 2010


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